Nick’s FUNatics Discord!

To me, Twitch is more than just playing video games. It’s experiencing some of the BEST games and stories ever told with a community that has nostalgia or affinity toward that game, genre, or my sparkling personality! It’s a lot like hanging out with your best friends while experiencing the “FUNest” games. Sure we talk games a bit, but we also talk about life, philosophy, movies, and more! I personally stream RPGs, action/adventure, horror, and occasionally co-ops, but lately been focusing on Retro and Retro-Modded games! My main consoles growing up were SNES, N64, and PS2. While I intend to play some of my favorites from those eras, I’ve realized there’s been SO MANY fantastic games I missed out on playing! Therefore, I’m playing catch-up so many of my streams are 1st-time playthroughs of many people’s favorite classic games. Check out the links below to see what’s I’ve already played through, and what I might be playing next!