Nick’s Picks: Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

This duffel backpack bag quickly became my favorite multi-purpose travel bag. I can use it for the gym, I use it for week-long trips, and I’ve used it on multi-day kayaking trips.

I recorded a video because I wanted to show people that you can actually fit 7+ days worth of clothes in it (I have the 60L duffel), with some room to spare, which still amazes me a bit.

Nick’s Picks Patagonia Black Duffel YouTube Review

The only con I was considering leaving was the price, because I realize it’s relatively a lot to spend on a bag. However, the overall quality and design of this bag definitely keeps the price point on par IMHO. I’ve had the bag a little over a year now, I’ve been somewhat rough on it (shoving it through a tiny kayak storage compartment where I was sure I’d rip something while pulling it out) and the thing still looks as if it were new.

The 60L is the perfect size for me. They do make a 45L (which I think would work better for the kayaking trips), a 90L, and a 120L. I’ve seen others say the 90L and 120L gets a bit uncomfortable with the backpack straps because of the weight that’s in them, and I think the 60L is the biggest size that fits comfortably in the overhead on an airplane.

If you have any reservations on this bag, send your worries to Seattle because this bag will last you many years.


I’ve owned it over a year, use it for normal travel (visiting family and such), and I’ve used it on kayaking trips.