Spawning Oyster Mushroom Buckets

Spawning Buckets

With the bucket clean, micropore tape over the FAE holes, and the pasteurized straw now cooled, I filled or “spawned” the colonized grain jar, layering it with the pasteurized straw until the bucket is full.

Start with a layer of straw on the bottom of the bucket, 2-3 inches deep, then break apart the myceliated grain and sprinkle generously throughout the straw. Add additional layers of straw and complete the process until the bucket is full and the colonized grain jar is empty. Seal the bucket with it’s lid and store in an area out of direct light and with decent humidity. (Basements work great, shaded areas can work too but might need sprayed more frequently)

Filling Buckets Video Demonstration:

These buckets were then stored in a basement room with ambient window light around 67-71 degrees Fahrenheit. The ambient humidity of the room was around 55-60%, and the buckets were misted 3 times daily.