Oyster Mushroom Inoculation

Step 2: Inoculation

Syringe injection of the mushroom spores is a popular method when inoculating the substrate. When done properly it is one of the most sterile ways to grow mycelium without competing contaminates. Contaminates are other fungal spores or bacteria that compete with the oyster mushroom’s mycelia for the nutrients within the substrate.


If you’ve already decided to grow mushrooms long term, investing in a laminar flow hood will greatly decrease chances of contamination when preparing agar plates and inoculating substrate. There are plenty of good tutorials online on how to make one, or you can order one online.

If you’d rather go a more budget but effective route, you can easily make a Still Air Box, otherwise known as “SAB”, by modifying a see-through plastic tote.

Getting Started

  • Spray/wipe work area with isopropyl alcohol
  • Spray/wipe alcohol on injection sites
  • Wipe syringe needle w/ alcohol, then flame sterilize.
  • Allow needle to cool, then inject 10mm> throughout substrate
  • Wipe & flame sterilize between each jar
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for the mycelium to fully colonize the jars

FunGuy Nick Inoculates Blue Oyster Mushroom Spores into Oat Grain Substrate.
Video Demonstration of Inoculation :