Zombie Apocalypse Movie “A Cold Day In Hell DIRECTOR’S CUT” | A Fresh New Look

A Cold Day in Hell is a 2015 American independent horror film directed by Nickolas Robison and stars Bob Roberts, Kaylee Steen, Nickolas Robison, Arin Winger, Alix Lindbergh, and Lyndrick Collins.

Jhett, his daughter, Alex, and brother, Hal, face an uncertain future when a world-wide pandemic begins in a small farming community. A sickness that plagues the minds of the deceased and creates a hunger for human flesh. However, there is a hunger that lurks in the shadows that is more dangerous than those infected. Who can you trust when the world begins to blacken? Hoping to hang onto the last strands of humanity, the group seeks refuge and salvation while on the run from those who would cause them harm….

After the original upload reached over 250,000 views within 3 months on my main YouTube channel (FunGuy Nick), I decided to create another channel that is dedicated towards movies and creative story-telling. I also wanted to re-edit and cut some of the movie (that was edited 8 years ago on a 15″ i5 Asus Laptop!) to make it flow and feel moreso the way I intended. The full movie is free to watch on the Film Fungus YouTube Channel. I hope you enjoy this fresh new look on A Cold Day In Hell!

About the Movie