Take a HIKE – Mary Jane Trail – Moab, UT

I found a gem of a trail near Moab, UT during a group trip me and a few mates took during the end of June of 2019. I only found 1 person’s review online mentioning this unmarked trail prior to coming, and it mentioned it lead to a waterfall. The morning of the first full day we all voted to go check it out. There was only 1 questionable spot on the road to take a loaded down mini-van through but as long as the roads are dry then the trailhead is fairly easy to access. Upon arriving to the parking lot, look for the trail ON THE LEFT (east I think). There’s a marked trail with signs to the right (west) but that isn’t this trail. Take the left trail, follow it to Professor Creek, and walk up river for about 8 miles/3.5-4hrs. The hike itself is full of beautiful landscapes, shade, desert flora, and lizards. Also I’ll mention there is some poison ivy in the area. It was a beautiful trail to explore with a rewarding waterfall at the end of it. Another perk of this trail was the minimal foot traffic (maybe 4-5 groups within an 8 hour time). The Mary Jane Canyon Trail quickly became my favorite hiking trail in Utah so far.