Nickolas Robison Filmography

Nickolas is an actor/director, voice over talent, internet personality (YouTube & Twitch), and photographer. His debut feature film “A Cold Day in Hell” that he wrote, directed, and starred in reached over 230,000 views on YouTube within 6 months of uploading! Robison has also starred in short films, commercials, and stage performances. At age 17 he won an Outstanding Actor’s Award during the Nebraska State One Act competition as lead role, William Forester, in Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine”. Nickolas continued his education and obtained an AAS degree for video production in 2014. With his skill sets and degree, he began assisting colleagues and acquaintances with various video projects, and eventually found a place behind the lens directing, shooting, and editing more than 6 documentaries for a local media company (among other less creative videographer work). The experience he’s gained BTS as well as in front of the lens have made him a well-rounded storyteller and a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to filmmaking. Currently he focuses on self producing his own content, acting, and photography.
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  • Height 6’4″
  • Head 23″
  • Neck 16″
  • Chest 43″
  • Natural Waist 39″
  • Trouser Waist 34″
  • Inside leg 36″
  • Shoe size 12


Short Film/Romantic Comedy – A miscommunication leads to an awkward encounter. Riley shows up outside a restaurant to meet Casey for a date. Casey shows up for a bike. What’s going on?
Short Film/Horror – A shady character approaches a man to drop off a mysterious item.
Short Film/Horror – A weary traveler arrives at a creepy old bed and breakfast farmstead. A note tells him not to enter any of the rooms that are closed off. What mysteries are hiding in the dark?
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Voice Over / Narration