A Cold Day In Hell

First, I want to thank everyone involved in the production and support of this film! A lot of time and effort went into it’s production, most of which was donated and self-produced/funded from the cast and crew. This film began as a “low” micro-budget (more like no budget) student film, and became a polished feature-length story due to the people involved willing to add their time, equipment, and skill sets. This film has been uploaded and made available free to watch for everyone. If you enjoy this free movie, please consider supporting in the following ways:

A Cold Day In Hell (Full Movie)


Jhett (Nickolas Robison) and his wife Eliza (Karrie Bauman) are on their way to the hospital to give birth to their first child. Unfortunate events have caused an outbreak of infected people that mindlessly eat the flesh of the living. The world crumbles into chaos. Order is lost. It’s now everyone for themselves. Years later, Jhett and his brother Hal (Bob Roberts) struggle to raise Jhett’s daughter, Alex (Kaylee Steen), in a post-apocalyptic world where not only zombies and starvation threaten humanity, but also gangs of outlaw thugs that pillage whatever resources they please. One group of which that goes by the name “The Outlanders”, led by their sinister ruthless leader, Axel (Lyndrick Collins). Every person Jhett and his family encounter pose a potential threat to their survival. However, when Jhett hears the nearby screams of Tom (Arin Winger) and Sophie (Alix Lindbergh) that are being attacked by some infected, Jhett’s conscious convinces him to do the right thing and help out those in distress. Can Tom and Sophie be trusted? Where did they come from? Are they able to lead them to sanctuary and salvation, or will Axel get his grasp on them before they find refuge?

After years of attempting to control the climate, chemically alter the water supply, and genetically modify our food sources, humanity has finally begun to pay for their carelessness. Only few have remained unaffected by refraining from the majority of toxins that corporations deemed safe, in which the mass population trusted blindly. The rate of the infected has increased so dramatically, all that remains is total anarchy among those that still remain. Every day is a struggle to survive.

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