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Acting became a passion of mine at age 17. I began with theater, then speech competitions, won a few state performance awards in my youth, then eventually went to community college and earned a degree in Media Production to learn more BTS of the filmmaking process. My 1st feature film that I wrote, directed, and co-stared in reached 250,000 views within 6 months of being uploaded on YouTube! Watch the “Director’s Cut” of A Cold Day In Hell HERE, or check out the original.

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My YouTube Channel FunGuy Nick is focused on capturing what I find FUN or fascinating! I love to travel, go on outdoor adventures, kayak, take photos, garden, and yes, cultivate FUNGUS! (The edible/medicinal varieties!) I know, kinda weird and kinda a mixed bag of things but hey, that’s what could make it fun! And who knows… you might just learn something unexpected or have a laugh. Either way, I hope you find something FUN for you!

Niobrara River Kayak Adventure | Nebraska’s Largest Waterfall – Smith Falls

My primary medium is digital photography. I also create photomanipulations & illustrations. Occasionally I’ll take portraits. What separates “art” from pictures? Emotion. In an age where everyone has a 20MP Iphone and can upload 100 pics/min, art can easily become drowned in saturated sea of insta-filtered photographs. From time to time however, I create/capture an image that triggers something within that makes me want to obsessively “perfect” it’s idea or intention for HOURS in my editing software. That’s how I define art. Check out some of my work HERE.

Atlantic Sunrise
Sunrise over Atlantic Ocean |
Outer Banks, NC.